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The Projects

Hospital Regional de Cusco

Project Creator: Meet Patricia 

Status: in voting

Project №: 22
Total voters: 10531
Yes: 10500

No: 31

Total in ISKRA: 128.000

Total in USD: $128.000

Date of close:  2/may/2019 

Republic of  Peru - Cusco

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Completed Successfully

Total coverage of children: 1.562.000

6 - Country

12 -  Towns

20 - Projects

Total Vote: 163.515

Total in ISKRA: 1.995.000

Total in USD: $1.895.000


Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Project Creator: Dr. Babinko V.

Status: in working

Project №: 21 

Total voters: 34531

Yes: 32711

No: 1820

Total in ISKRA: 48.000

Total in USD: $48.000

Voting End: 12/Feb/2019

 Ukraine  - Odessa

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