Help Without Donation


You have the right to vote!

You have the right to vote!

Children are waiting for your decision!

Tomorrow's Society - is a society with social responsibility.


 "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."  Ray Goforth

Help without donation

International Decentralized Children's Fund - Lucem

used the blockchain platform for voting and financial auditing which allows anyone to make decisions in the allocation of the budget.

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                                                                     The Lucem Project 

Lucem is a decentralized fund for helping children.

The fund's ONLY concern will be to purchase and deliver medical equipment and medicine to children all over the world. Complete fund audits, all accounting, legal support, and all logistics will be paid for by the developers of Lucem and ISKRA. All documentation will be made publicly available

The community will decide by vote, what projects the fund should finance and where. 

The fund's resources will only be used for the purchase and delivery of assistance to children. 

               How it works:

 We are issuing a limited number of tokens, a total of 300,000,000: the "Big Bang"! 

1. The first beam of light (50,000,000) will reach the fund immediately. These are the resources, which after   the community makes a decision, will be used ONLY ON CHILDREN!!!

There will be several such “beams”, but not more than 3. This protects the fund’s resources 

  (we are trying to avoid any risk of losing the fund's resources; these resources belong to children)!

2. Any honorable person with good intentions can submit a project proposal to the Lucem fund. 

 A team of experts will conduct an audit, and will provide all public documentation regarding the project's cost and implementation: purchase costs; shipping fees; freight expenses; customs fees and other taxes, if required; and costs related to installation, storage, etc.

  All this work will be carried out by the Lucem team without using the fund's resources!!! 

3. After we provide a full project breakdown, the public will vote to decide which projects are implemented, and in what amount. Anyone with ISKRA can participate in voting.  

  Bringing a project to a vote will cost a small amount of ISKRA in order to reduce spam and dishonest contracts. 

  After the voting, all funds will be transferred to the fund's wallet. 

We want as much as possible to go to charity.  

If a project is approved by the public, the fee charged to request a vote will be returned to the requester,  

or the group of people who submitted the request. This is how we hope to begin working with all compassionate people.

The fund is ready and willing to cooperate with any private individuals or public organizations who want to and are willing to help children. 

We are open to any proposal, but the community will decide which requests to finance.  

You can review the Lucem fund’s full rules and charter on its website. 

While ISKRA gives you the right to vote, you do not get any benefits from voting and you have no financial advantages over other participants. 

ISKRA tokens are not shares: they represent a voice in a "public, non-profit organization". 



Everyone who trades ISKRA will, within 14 days, be able to return the token and receive a refund,  

(minus eth-gas, card fees, etc.,) via the method used to make the initial trade!